What We Do

A unique, process driven approach to delivering outstanding results for our partners.

Pixel & Experience Design

A good design is beyond the look and feel. It’s about user interaction. We design as per product and market requirements to make an honest and useful product offering the best user experience.

Web Application Development

Today, it’s all about the Big Data, accessible anytime and from anywhere. Information, messages and content is only a ‘slide’ away from users. We build robust, feature enriched and functional mobile and web-based applications with the goal to help businesses make the most of the new technologies for connecting their data that to their customers, team and target audience.

Mobile App Development

224 million current mobile app users, 84% spend an average of 3 hours per day on apps, 50% made purchases via smartphones. These figures prove enough to create an awesome mobile experience for users to grow businesses.

Content Management System - CMS

The most important business asset is content. Our content management solutions will help manage different digital content across databases, multiple platforms, applications and avenues. From digital asset management, content integration to web content management, we drive to deliver scalable products, enhanced customer service and enterprise content management services.

E-Commerce System

Consumer-driven transactions accelerate e-commerce platform. We understand business goals, design & create scalable, seamless and unique e-commerce websites & experiences, developing strategies to persuade visitors in making purchasing decisions.

Data Driven Marketing

Customer-centric products & solutions boost the efficiency of marketing investments & increase customer retention & acquisition by 36%. Our marketing team will help you in achieving these by strategically collecting, integrating & analyzing the world of Big Data. We use best practices to fine-tune strategies, explore trends, customer activities, research the global market and create competitive intelligence reports.

Web Campaign Management

Seamless campaign creation, management & optimization across a varied channel, will grow your business & boost ROI. We strategically work on tedious web marketing tasks, from doing keyword research, A/B testing to building scalable strategies.

Web & Business Analytics

A map can lead you to your destination. Metrics & analytics will give you the big picture. You will learn about the health of your online presence, customer acquisition proximities & strategies you should use.

Our Process


Together, we’ll walk through identifying your potential users, customers, competitors, partners, user flow, critical features etc. We have a team of UX designers and usability engineers to work with you during this stage to find out the Minimum Viable Product [MVP] features, or the most critical features of your project, we define each feature and assign them to milestones.

Design, Develop & Iterate

We strictly follow a User Centered Design (UCD) process to design the user experience. Our team of UX and UI designers will help in defining the customer / user personas, designing low-fidelity mockups and after multiple iteration, we will develop the high fidelity mockups (Pixel Mockups). The project manager assigned to your project, will work with you closely from the beginning till we deliver a well developed product. We follow Agile and Test Driven methodology in our development process. This means, we will build a releasable product with every feature.

Release & Promote

Our Google and Bing certified digital marketing specialists will collaborate to define your marketing goals. They will help build analytics and business dashboard. They will provide digital media advertising consultation, manage your ppc campaigns, build and maintain your online presence.