Methods Of Analyzing The Competitive Market


Is your business making earrings out of old cold drink cans? Then you don’t have to worry much about this competitor analysis part. But if it is not so, then this is a must to establish your business among the crowd. Often, the businesses skip this part and they directly dig into keyword mapping, optimizing content or link building. But competitor analysis is a key aspect for the initial stages of an SEO campaign.

Competitor analysis helps in understanding where your competitors stand and what makes them better than you. This, in turn, can help you setting the goals with ease and with much more effectiveness. With the advent of new updated technologies, it has become easier for the business owners to analyse the potential competitive market readily.

It is utmost important to conduct the analysis on a regular basis to keep oneself updated with the competitive market. This strategic research specializes in the collection and analysis of information about rival businesses. This tactic helps you in finding out the threats that you might be getting from your competitors.

You don’t have to worry about the legal issues for competitor analysis as well; because this method simply collects information, about the opponent, that is available in the public domain. But you must know some tips and tricks for doing the best analysis possible to get a fruitful result. Let’s discuss them briefly in this blog:-

Identifying the Competitors
This is the first and foremost thing a company should do. Identifying your potential competitors is the most important thing. Until and unless you know who your contenders are, you won’t be able to stand firmly in the market. You might be competing with only one of them, but there are several others in this scenario. The easiest way to get aware about who they are, is by simply ‘googling’ your product or service type and the search engine will do the rest for you.

Analyzing Competitor Content
‘Content is King’ – this phrase is just nothing but a true fact. Analyzing the contents of your rival company and comparing them with that of yours can provide you with an outline of why are you lagging behind. If they are more frequent in posting articles and blogs, and you are not, then it can be a major issue. Or if your contents do not offer anything unique, then it can also divert your customers towards your competitor. So, try to focus on the contents to be well established.

Competitor’s Social Media Integration
These days, Social Media Marketing play an important role in generating traffic. So watch out if your potential competitors are more into social media platform than that of you; see if they are much more active than you are. If that is so, then it is definitely a reason of not getting the expected outcome from your business.

Identifying the areas of Improvement
After gathering all the required information, get an idea of which factor your company needs the improvement on. The factors can be one or more than one ranging from content creation,Search Engine Optimization to social media engagement.