We all are well accustomed with the words SEO and contents. Both of these are the key components of a website. Though, they are named separately, actually they are just two sides of a same coin called website. They go hand in hand with each other. SEO cannot be completed without content and vice versa.

It is true that, there are differences between them. SEO is a technical process and quite narrow, where contents are hostile and broader in nature. In Spite of these differences, a website needs both of them for its success. Search Engine Optimization helps the website in higher ranking and contents help to develop the website further.

Now, you will be thinking of why does SEO needs content! We have the answer for you. Search Engine Optimization is a process by which a particular ranks higher in the search engine ranking. And more views helps a website to rank higher. Contents help increasing these views. How? Let us discuss that further in this blog.

The main aim of a website is to rank high with the techniques of
Search Engine Optimization
. But an empty website cannot drive traffic towards, and if there is no traffic then how will the ranking come! This is where the need of contents come. On the contrary, if there is no SEO, then what’s the use of writing contents!

A website demands several words to develop it, to build it; which includes articles, descriptions, blogs and many more. That is because it is rightly said that “
Content is King
”. More relevant and quality content will elevate the quality of the website as well, which in turn will give them a good SEO ranking.

Moving on to the next reason for the need of content in SEO – keywords. These keywords are used very strategically in the contents to make them result-oriented. More relevant keywords used in the content will give the output with higher ranking.

Higher ranking requires updated website. If you keep your website intact just as it was since its beginning, then you will surely lose the interest of your potential target market. This is where contents pull it up. Updating the sites with freshly brewed contents will lift your website up in SEO ranking.

Also, the best way to generate links towards your website is to produce high quality contents. Link backs are just the thing that SEO dreams of. And the best way to build them is by publishing stunning contents and letting the masses link back to it.

Contents help in heighten the user experience. Websites, having good description about the products or services, the business and any other factors or offerings as well, will make the users satisfied, which will result in giving your website a good SEO ranking.