Importance Of Having Title & Description Tags For A Website

In this era of digital marketing, websites are really important factors. They are the primary thing to consider for the online presence of a business. Creating and maintaining a website needs utmost care and attention as well. While designing a website, one must keep several factors in mind. And one of the key factors is to give the website a title tag and a description tag.

In fact, many website developers do not even know much about these tags; they only have some basic ideas on this.

The designer as well as the owner tends to ignore the importance of these factors. But title tag and description tags are quite important in terms of attracting the users.

Title tag specifies the title of a webpage. These are displayed on the search engine result pages as the clickable headline for a given result. After executing a search on any of the search engines, the results come in a descending order with the most relevant ones at the top. In Google, the title for each page is presented in large blue font with a little description in smaller black font, which is called description tag. These are found in a website’s html code. Also maintaining the character length for both of these is very important. The reason behind this will be discussed later in this article.

In terms of Search Engine Optimization, title and description tags are just the mere components for a website. But from a raw marketing point of view, they carry a major weight. Title and descriptions are the first thing that a potential user comes through while surfing the internet with putting some keywords in the search engine. And the more related tags will grab more clicks from the users. For example, when one types “importance of SEO in digital marketing”, Google or any other search engine shows result of the websites having those keywords in the tags.

Now, moving on to the maintenance of the length of the tags, as well as the keywords to be used in the tags. The character length should be always maintained by the developer, because if one exceeds that length then the search engine may cut off the extra words or characters from the tags. And of course, cutting off may cause in losing some relevant information which in turn will result in losing visitors. Also the developer and the owner of the website must choose the keywords very carefully, so as to not miss a chance of getting clicks from the visitors. The keywords should always be in bold font, so that it readily catches the attention.

Title and description tags are the advertisements for a website – more attractive and relatable means more and more visitors. To get the best result, the tags should contain a brief overview of what the website is about. The making of these tags need the effort of both the owner as well as the website developer. Whilst the developer best understands the techniques of designing a website, the owner best understands his / her industry / business. The joint effort will give an almost flawless result for a website.