Facebook continues to acquire the major junk of paid media advertising – in spite of heavy weight like Instagram. The former is evolving to stay put in the competition. Mark Zuckerberg recently gave a “crazy virtual reality” demo at the Oculus Connect – thereby – grabbing the “next big thing” – Virtual Reality. Given the evolving status of the social media giant, it is only evident for small businesses and big to tap the platform to the core.
You can choose to advertise your business on one of the many social media platforms, but Facebook continues to beat the competition. With Facebook, you can reach a wider audience and over 1.79 billion active users. It is the ideal channel for small businesses to built result-driven marketing campaigns.

Five Benefits Of Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses
BOOST CUSTOMER LOYALTY – Businesses thrive because of their customer. And when you have their loyalty, you’re set for the day. Customer loyalty drives sales, profit and brand awareness to the point. Facebook is an active channel to increase customer loyalty level for your business. With Facebook ads, you can connect with your audience, educate them about your services/products and directly develop a ground of engagement with your customers.
BOOST BRAND AUTHORITY – Facebook marketing enables businesses to opt for a pay-per-engagement campaign or PPE. PPE campaign helps businesses to target the right audience – thereby – building the level of business exposure and brand authority.
TARGETED ADVERTISING – When it comes to social media marketing for small business – Facebook is the top choice of many. Facebook ads allow advertisers to reach an audience as per their specific preferences. You can target a niche group – based on various components – like, age, demographics, interests, employment status, education, etc. – and target audience that will help meet your business goals.
IMPACTFUL LEAD GENERATION – Facebook not only helps boost one’s brand identity, increase audience engagement but also helps in lead generation. If conducted strategically, you can use Facebook ads to increase customer retention rate and generate valuable leads.
TRACKABLE ROI – Facebook advertising is super measurable in nature. And that’s why businesses opt for this social media platform over others. With Facebook Ad Manager, you can access a plethora of performance metrics, use the same to track campaign performance and measure ROI or Return on Investment. You can also use Power Editor to setup your campaign, manage the same and make the necessary tweaks to your campaigns based on the results.


Tweak Your Facebook Page Here
When considering FB marketing for your small business, you cannot bat your eyes from your business page on Facebook. The social media giant has added a feature, whereby users can tweak their page’s cover image with various call-to-action buttons, e.g. Contact Us, Sign Up, Buy Now and more. This particular functionality makes it easier for your audience to connect and engage with your business via Facebook – not to forget – it’s a real traffic generator!

Add Facebook Content
Embedding your Facebook content is one of the most valuable Facebook marketing tips for small business. Given a chance, add your Facebook content on your website, blog post or any content related platform. It’s an awesome source of content marketing and communication with your users.

Live Video
Snapchat, then Instagram and now Facebook – creating live video is one of the most impactful social media marketing techniques in 2017. Use your phone’s camera and shoot any video – live to share with your audience, showcase events, talk about your business and more. Live videos provide an increased audience reach and access to their feeds.

Free Facebook Marketing Tools To Use For Your Small Business Marketing Campaign
There are many tools and resources available online – which can assist you with different marketing campaigns, research, and management programs. However, there are a selective few that can effectively help you to promote your brand and access potential customers. Most of these tools are free and third-party resources. With these tools, you can create and curate content, publish the same, build your campaigns on Facebook, track, analyze and measure your campaigns and do lots more.

Here are top 10 Facebook Marketing Tools
1. Canva
2. Buffer
3. ShortStack
4. PostPlanner
5. PageModo
6. Headline Analyzer
7. Facebook Ads Compass
8. Share
9. NetworkedBlogs
10. Socialoomph